Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My New Job

I now have my first ongoing work in Melbourne, which is extremely exciting to me. The job is as one of the Events Assistants at Glen Eira City Council.

This weekend there will be the following workshops and "In Conversation" talks:
Researching for the Writer with Meg Mundell;
Writing For Children with Nicolas Brasch;
In Conversation with Howard Goldenberg; and
In Conversation with Shane Maloney(my fiance David is excited about this one).

The photo above is part of the Carnegie Library building. Spending all of last Sunday there made me curious about whether the suburb's name was related to the philanthropic Carnegie Foundation, here is the answer discovered on the wikipedia article about Carnegie, Victoria.
"Originally called Rosstown, after William Murray Ross, a developer. The name was changed in 1909 to try and distance the suburb from the connotations of failure brought about by Ross' sugar beet mill project which never began production, and the Rosstown Railway. The name Carnegie was chosen in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to secure funds for a library from the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie"
Carnegie just had no luck in the early days apparently. They got their own back almost 100 years later but building an impressive Library and community centre.


awcomix said...

Congrats, looks like a nice library

Sarah Howell said...

Actually i thought this was a pretty weird photo of the library, there are definitely better looking bits, but i got it off the website of the people who supplied the bricks, so it is naturally bricks galore and none of the glass and steel.

I won't be working at the library all the time, there are other events at the Glen Eira Town Hall and in parks.