Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Film Shoot!

Here I am enjoying the exciting world of the film industry!

Completely out of the blue I was offered work as production assistant on an international co-production for launceston based Brown Bread and Butter productions.

The work was intense and fast paced, it has been awhile since I had worked under that kind of immediate pressure and it was good to know I could still handle it, though apparently i was looking worryingly pale on this day pictured.

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D said...

Boy-oh! And wasn't it a crackin' fast and furious job? Well done for keep- ing up. They're still working me like a so-and-so on this end. You may have been pale, but you had some 'things' on your plate, and hell!: your skin may have been pale that day BUT no one, NO ONE does hair like you!