Wednesday, October 29, 2008

King Island - Lets Get It Strait

I arrive on King Island the morning of Tuesday 14th and promptly collapse with a cold; fever, aches, the lot, but only seriously for a few days. Luckily I'm not working alone, Emma Porteus and Gavin Clarke, the dancers working to produce the Lets Get It Strait performances on both islands look after me, though Gavin is also sick.

After a few days talking with Emma and Gavin I start to get a proper picture of where the project is going and tailor the work I do with the students towards visualising the whole performance so their understanding goes beyond the movements they are learning with Emma and Gavin.

The results were designs for: costumes, sculptures/props, lighting, and maps of the outdoor performance space.

I once again did a window display as a reminder to the students of the work we had done, this time I drew cartoons of: students performing different parts of the show, fish, and one of Emma and Gavin saying "Dance Rocks!"

In the above images you can see the entrance to Stockyard park where the performance will take place in March; a drawing by Prep student Ingrid showing herself dancing like seaweed and like a snake; and a map by Tom showing Stockyard park and all the logistics that will go into making the show happen.

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