Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Zine Cloud

23 – 27 June I co-ordinated 4 teams of zine creators and art teachers to deliver a statewide (Tasmania) program of workshops called Zine Cloud, the results of which will be available during the 2008 Tasmanian Living Writers' Week, 15 August - 7 September.

In a week we produced over 60 zine publications.

I had the pleasure of being one of the South Eastern team's artists along with Nicole Robson and Felicity Copeland-Brown.

Other artist teams where:
North West: Pat Grant, Karlee Foster, and Michelle Best
North: Jo Waite, Ingrid Reynolds, and Lisa Drinkwater
South:Leigh Rigozzi, Sarah Badcock, and Peter Young.

The resounding feedback from everyone, artists, teachers, and students alike, has been that the week was intense but highly rewarding. We were all kind of buzzing for about a week afterwards.

The Zine Cloud project is a partnership between arts@work and the Tasmanian Department of Education.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project, it was amazing!

Photo of North West team's zine creations was taken by Karlee Foster.


miss mardi nowak said...

This sounded like it was a fantastic project!!! I would love to see more of what came out of the project!

Sarah Howell said...

Hi Mardi, there has been a book produced by the Tasmanian Department of Education as a teachers' resource that collects a selection of pages from each zine. I'm getting a bunch in the post this week. I'm very excited.