Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm a Pentel Girl

These are my standard tools I take with me EVERYWHERE. From left to right: Pentel Extra Fine Point Correction Pen, Ball Pentel Fine Point R50, Kuretake Co. Ltd watercolour brush pen filled with Art Spectrum white and black inks to make grey, Pentel brush pen filled with Art Spectrum black ink.

I haven't been able to find the Pentel brush pens again (hence the purchase of the Kuretake), I bought this one from Arts Stretchers in Melbourne, only to be told when I went in to buy more that they had stopped stocking them :(

Brush Pens Rock!


Skimma said...

Hello Sarah! I just had to comment on this picture because... I love Pentel too! I looked at this picture and wondered what you'd been doing taking photos of the stuff in my pencil case! It is nice that we both love this brand!

Sarah Howell said...

Thanks to Nicki I have discovered a shop in melbourne that sells the pentel brush pens. The shop is called Eckersleys and is in Franklin St. I can now slowly replace the leaky other brushpens I own!

Terence said...

Hi Sarah! How do you refill the colorbrush on the far right? I just got one, and want to replace the cartridge inside with my own ink...

Sarah Howell said...

Hi Terence, the Pentel Aquash brushpen on the far right doesn't have a cartridge, the whole body of the pen is hollow and I just use an eyedropper to refill the body when it is empty. To change colours in theory you would just need to wash the body and the nib out thoroughly but I don't think it would ever really get clean. I have a collection of the pens with different coloured inks in them.

Do you perhaps have a Pentel Brush Pen GFKP?
I've got one of these now and they have cartridges, but i still prefer my cheap Pentel Aquash, beautiful though the GFKP is.

Terence said...

Thanks for replying! Actually, this is the brush I have:


It looks very much like the one on the far right, and I was just wondering if you purchase the refills for it or if you use your own ink instead. If you use your own ink, do you refill the pen with a syringe or something? The smaller one that you linked looks really cool, guess I'll have to break down and buy one of those now!

Sarah Howell said...

Hi Terence,

The Colour Brush GFL definitely looks like my Aquash, it has a similar ribbed lid design, but they are different products here is the Aquash

The Aquash isn't intended to take ink, just water, so there are no cartridges, just a hollow body.

I fill the body of my Aquash with art spectrum ink using an eyedropper, I've tried pouring the ink in but it makes bubbles that block the flow, so the eyedropper is more effective.
I have a friend who uses liquid chinese ink to fill her Aquash which produces a lot denser pigment, but isn't waterproof like the art spectrum.

Get the Aquash, cheaper, no cartridges and you can even blend your inks to get the perfect colour to put into your pen.